12 Minutes review

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12 Minutes review

A clever time loop setup devolves into frustrating repetition.

There’s a puzzle in adventure game Gabriel Knight 3 infamous for being so illogical, the cat hair mustache has become the bad puzzle that all others are compared against—the pinnacle of design that makes you ask yourself “How the hell was I ever supposed to think of that?” I had that exact feeling half a dozen times while playing 12 Minutes, which uses a time loop to let you live out its frustrating and obtuse puzzles again and again and again. 

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What is it? A time-loop puzzle game… with *feelings*.
Expect to pay £19.49/$25
Developer Luis Antonio
Publisher Annapurna Interactive
Release August 19
Reviewed on RTX 3070, Intel i7-7700K, 32GB RAM
Multiplayer? Yes
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