Best Acer gaming laptop deals

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Best Acer gaming laptop deals

Acer gaming laptop deals aren’t all that easy to come by around the web nowadays. Whether the GPU shortage is starting to bite into what Acer is able to get onto the virtual shelves of Amazon and Newegg, or whether it’s just that we’re about to hit a new cycle of Acer gaming laptops, we’re not sure. What we do know is that, right now, prices are too high for the sorts of Acer notebooks we’d recommend you buy. 

That’s why we’ve got our bots searching for the best Acer offers our AIs can find, to make sure we always have the most up to date deals possible. 

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Leading the charge for Acer on the gaming laptop front is its Predator line. For years now, the Helios and Triton sub-brands have been gradually improving their design. Finally, this year, Acer has removed the word ‘Predator’ from the laptop’s lid, a win for anyone who wanted to use this laptop in public and not get weird looks from non-gamers. 

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