Best cheap robot vacuums

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Best cheap robot vacuums

The best cheap robot vacuums will offer the performance you would expect from a premium design. It should be intuitive to set up, with user-friendly controls, and should collect any dust and debris in one sweep. There are lots of new features available with the latest robot vacuums, from self-emptying bases to hybrid vacuum-mop designs. You might assume that these features are out of reach if you’re shopping on a budget, but you would be surprised by what the best cheap robot vacuums have to offer.

Some of these entry-level models cost less than $300, but can compete, if not do better, than some premium brands in terms of performance. You might not get all of the bells and whistles for this price, but the performance is certainly comparable. Useful features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, no-go zones and mopping abilities are up for grabs too, which you don’t need to spend the big bucks for. If you want the best value, we’ve tested and rounded up the best cheap robot vacuums to help you choose. 

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Editor’s Note: The Tom’s Guide Awards 2021 for smart home devices have been announced, and the Roborock S4 Max has won the Best robot vacuum overall award! Head to the smart home devices awards page to see all the winners and recommended runners-up.

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