Best VPN free trial in 2021

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Best VPN free trial in 2021

Finding the best VPN free trial can be tricky, and every provider seems to have a different idea of what a VPN free trial actually is. From our experience, we’ve found that they usually fall into two categories – a free VPN trial that lets you test the service with limited features, or a money-back guarantee which requires an initial payment that can be refunded no questions asked within a certain period.

If you really want to get to know a VPN, it’s definitely worth paying upfront and then claiming back if it turns out it’s not for you. You’ll have at least a month to get a feel for the service before claiming your refund, and you’ll also have no limitations in terms of bandwidth, features, or privacy. 

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Some services also offer very short, payment-free trials, but having a 30 days to use the VPN without limitation will invariably benefit you the most.

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