Blockbuster: The Game review: “Deliciously evil”

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Blockbuster: The Game review: “Deliciously evil”

Blockbuster: The Game more than earns its place as one of the best modern party classics.

Blockbuster is doing rather well for itself, all things considered. Despite its collapse in 2013, the video rental chain still managed to shuffle into the spotlight in 2019 via Captain Marvel when she added an impromptu skylight to the roof of a 1990s store. Fast-forward to now and it’s resurfacing yet again with a party throwback from Big Potato Games, creators of Obama Llama and Bucket of Doom. 

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It’s not another quiz wannabe, though. Trust me, you’ll want to take note of this one – Blockbuster: The Game tops our list of board games for adults and our guide to the best party board games. It’s something of an over-achiever.

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