Boyfriend Dungeon Is More Than I'd Hoped For

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Boyfriend Dungeon Is More Than I'd Hoped For

The concept of dungeon diving while wielding weapons I can also date caught my attention, while the finely honed characters and dungeon delving kept me enthralled.

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Boyfriend Dungeon has been a lovely (and surreal) experience so far, and isn’t at all what I was expecting. I went in thinking it would be a somewhat typical visual novel with a twist, where the people I meet—and possibly date—are also swords. I also knew I’d be taking my sharp-dressed friends into the ”dunj” to fight monsters and improve relationships outside of romantic dinners and whatnot.

All of that is true, but it’s also much more than that. Nearly every character is fun and interesting in their own way. Time spent in the “dunj” is productive and also a lot of fun. Honestly, most of the time I can’t decide between going on a date or taking a stab at a better dungeon run.

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