Cyberpunk 2077 review

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Cyberpunk 2077 review

Some nice characters and stories nested in an astounding open world, undercut by jarring bugs at every turn.

We received a 50GB patch during our review period. CDPR referred to this patch as the Day 0 patch. When asked for clarification whether the patch will be what players were receiving at launch, a CDPR representative told us that the Day 0 patch is what people will be experiencing on launch day. It is the Day 1 patch, only different in name. More fixes will be rolled into the Day 0 (Day 1) patch, but we cannot specify exactly what. 

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I’m on an aimless walking tour of Night City. Somehow I’ve ended up in the Japantown neighborhood’s Arasaka-financed streets, where animated billboards for “Sweet Clean Speed” and pornographic braindances climb the flanks of utilitarian skyscrapers, blotting out the stars with a rainbow of neon. I pass a ramen shop, a hot dog stand, and a man selling spice, piles of garbage tucked beneath the offramp behind him. 

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