Cytron Maker Pi RP2040 Review: Robots Made Easy

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Cytron Maker Pi RP2040 Review: Robots Made Easy

Cytron’s Maker Pi RP2040 is an ideal way to build moving projects using the RP2040 and CircuitPython

Microcontrollers, such as those powered Raspberry Pi’s RP2040, are ideal for robotics and projects that require simple and repeatable movement. Cytron is back for another bite of the cherry, or is that Raspberry, with the Cytron Maker Pi RP2040. This board provides a platform to build sensor-controlled projects such as line-following robots, temperature controlled fans and servo-powered robot arms. Sure, you could buy a Raspberry Pi Pico and attach an add-on board like the Kitronik Pico Robotics board, but Cytron’s board has similar functions built in.

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Taking a cue from the previous Maker Pi Pico, the all-purple PCB on Maker Pi RP2040 s designed for beginners, with clearly marked GPIO pins and Grove connectors around the board. We took Cytron’s latest board for a test on our bench to see how it stacks up. 

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