Dell’s New Webcam Wants to Replace Your DSLR

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Dell’s New Webcam Wants to Replace Your DSLR

What if your webcam could make your coworkers think you’re using a full-sized DSLR camera? 

Dell's new Ultrasharp Webcam is designed to pull off that trick. It works like any webcam, connecting over USB and handling image quality adjustments automatically. But unlike most webcams, it has a Sony image sensor designed to improve image quality in poor lighting. Dell thinks this will take webcam video quality to a new level—no ring light required.

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“The fact is, due to the pandemic situation, a lot of us are staying home, taking a lot of calls,” Wee Kee Yeo, a vice president at Dell Technologies, said in a remote press briefing. “A lot of users are pursuing the path, asking 'how do I make myself look fantastic?'” 

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