Facebook Streamer MzKrissy: Keeping it Real

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Facebook Streamer MzKrissy: Keeping it Real

“I didn’t think I’d be a content creator at all, but ever since I started doing it it changed who I am as a person,” Gomez said in a phone interview with Lifewire. “It made me a better person and helped me break out of my shell. I’ve made so many connections and touched so many people it’s just crazy.”

Krissy Gomez

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In two years, Gomez’s online brand has skyrocketed on Facebook’s relatively new gaming vertical: she’s pulled in over 120,000 followers in that short timeframe. Beginning as a Fortnite streamer, her congenial and animated streams have attracted the attention of the unique Facebook streaming audience, and has become her primary source of income as she juggles her roles as a wife and mother. 

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