Facebook's Live Audio Rooms Testing Has Begun in the US

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Facebook's Live Audio Rooms Testing Has Begun in the US

The Verge reports that the Live Audio Rooms feature has appeared in the Facebook iOS app, with hosting access currently limited to select groups and some musicians, media figures, and athletes. Both Android and iOS users will be able to join hosted rooms, though they won’t be able to set up their own at the moment. Hosts can invite up to 50 people to act as speakers in their rooms, and there’s no limit to the number of potential listeners.


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Group administrators will be able to decide who else in the group can create a room, whether they're other admins, moderators, or regular group members. Private group audio rooms only will be available to group members, but there is an option for public audio rooms that anyone can enter. Audio room hosts also will be able to connect their room to a specific fundraiser or nonprofit, adding a button directly in the room that participants can tap to make a donation.

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