Field of Glory 2: Medieval review

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Field of Glory 2: Medieval review

Field of Glory 2: Medieval is the closest to a tabletop miniatures experience you’ll get on PC.

What is it? Grid-based medieval battle simulation.
Expect to pay $30
Developer Byzantine Games
Publisher Slitherine Ltd.
Reviewed on AMD FX-8350, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti, 32GB RAM
Multiplayer? Asynchronous 1v1 competitive
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The cavalry is here, y’all! Actually, the cavalry has always been here. We started with the cavalry. This ain’t no Ancients-era Field of Glory game. Gone are the blocks of legionaries and swarms of charging barbarians, replaced instead with ranks of spearmen and the thunderous charge of knights in enough armor to make a toaster blush. Field of Glory 2: Medieval delivers an authentic tabletop miniatures wargame experience, but just like a historical wargame whether you like that experience is going to be all about whether you like the rules.

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