FIFA 21 review

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FIFA 21 review

FIFA 21 fixes some on-pitch issues, though it stops short of giving the series the meaningful overhaul it needs.

What is it? The newest entry in EA’s decades-old soccer series.
Expect to pay $60/£55
Developer EA Vancouver
Publisher EA Sports
Reviewed on i9 10900K, RTX 2080 TI, 32GB RAM
Multiplayer? Up to 22 players
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EA’s soccer sim has been going through the motions for years now. Ever since FIFA 14 launched, it’s been hard to shake the sense each new entry has acted as a barely reskinned version of its predecessor. It’s an accusation you can definitely lay at FIFA 21’s tippy tappy feet. Though welcome tweaks and subtle improvements have been made since FIFA 20, this bumper sports package could do with an overhaul. 

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