Google to Tailor Play Store Ratings to Users’ Devices

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Google to Tailor Play Store Ratings to Users’ Devices

Google is looking to make Play Store ratings more beneficial for individuals by tailoring them towards each person’s device, rather than having overall ratings that apply to everyone. This means that someone with a tablet won’t see the same ratings as someone with the latest flagship smartphone.

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Starting in early 2022, the company announced that Google Play Store users would see app ratings based on the type of device they’re running. If an app is particularly demanding and has tons of five-star ratings from users with high-end smartphones, someone with a tablet wouldn’t see those ratings, as they don’t pertain to their specific hardware. Instead, they’d see ratings from other tablet users.

The change to the Play Store doesn’t just apply to tablets and phones. Instead, Chromebook and Wear OS users would also get separate reviews so they can rest assured that the experience of using an app on their type of device will be reflected in the reviews. You probably don’t care how well a particular Android app runs on the latest Pixel phone if you’re on a Chromebook, after all.

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