Gotham KnightsDev Addresses Details That’ve Had Fans Feeling Concerned

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Gotham KnightsDev Addresses Details That’ve Had Fans Feeling Concerned

In recent weeks, WB Games Montreal has been shedding new light on its upcoming Batman game sans Batman, Gotham Knights, and some details have left fans skeptical about the direction the game is taking with Bruce Wayne’s surviving Bat Family. First, a 13-minute gameplay video revealed that GK’s incarnation of Nightwing makes use of a jet-powered glider, while Red Hood has been endowed with wild “soul energy” abilities. By far the most troubling revelation came via a bio for Batgirl, published to the game’s website, that suggested she’d recovered from her disability through “raw willpower and determination.”

During a Q&A session in Gotham Knights’ official Discord channel, creative director Patrick Redding addressed the backlash over the insensitive Batgirl character bio, and provided insight into Nightwing’s glider and Red Hood’s new powers.

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The character bio for Batgirl on the Gotham Knights website discusses Barbara Gordon’s history as both Batgirl and the Oracle. The Oracle was Gordon’s tech-genius alter ego who offered invaluable support to Batman after a confrontation with the Joker, depicted in The Killing Joke, left her paralyzed. The reason WB Games Montreal faced criticism for the bio is that it stated Gordon was spurred by the death of her father to “recover from her wounds so that she could return to active duty as Batgirl.” This led fans to call out the game for employing the tired comic book trope of heroes overriding their disability through sheer willpower.

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