Haley Lu Richardson Interview: Montana Story

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Haley Lu Richardson Interview: Montana Story

We interview Haley Lu Richardson on her new movie Montana Story, directed by David Siegel and Scott McGehee, which can now be seen in theaters.

Siblings are brought back together by dire circumstances in the new drama film Montana Story, which can currently be seen in theaters. Haley Lu Richardson anchors the film alongside her co-star Owen Teague. Though Montana Story faced numerous challenges in filming due to its location, the production overcame them all, with Richardson and Teague’s performances elevating the film.

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In Montana Story, estranged siblings Erin (Richardson) and Cal (Teague) make their way home to their family’s old ranch in Montana due to their dying father. In struggling to care for┬áhim amid their family’s financial difficulties, Erin comes to learn that her beloved horse is going to be put down. Rather than face that loss, Erin decides to bring┬áthe creature back home with her to New York.

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