iOS 15 broke my AirPods — and I’m not the only one having issues

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iOS 15 broke my AirPods — and I’m not the only one having issues

iOS 15 was released to much fanfare earlier this month, and on launch day I downloaded the latest version of Apple’s iPhone operating system with great enthusiasm. However, I’m starting to regret that decision: ever since I installed iOS 15, my AirPods have been experiencing persistent and very annoying, issues. 

For starters, I was forced to resync my AirPods to my iPhone 12 after downloading iOS 15 and things only got worse from there. Right off the bat, I noticed that the sound quality appeared to have dropped. Music played at a lower volume and lacked the clarity I had enjoyed before. I put this down to me over-analyzing things and assumed it was nothing to worry about. 

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My suspicion that something wasn’t quite right with my AirPods was confirmed when I attempted to make a call and my phone refused to play audio through my earbuds. The option to select AirPods as the audio output was still present but selecting it would only result in my phone freezing for a split second before defaulting back to the inbuilt speakers. 

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