iOS 16 News — this is the upgrade I love the most

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iOS 16 News — this is the upgrade I love the most

Apple touts its News offering as the top app for news anywhere its available. And yet, I never find myself firing up Apple News, turning instead to other trusted sources, including even (gasp) Google News. But an iOS 16 addition to the News app could be the thing that gets me to change my habits.

The addition is called My Sports, and it promises to bring customized news about the teams, leagues and sports that matter most to you. Right now, I’m getting that info from a variety of other apps, including ESPN’s cluttered mobile offering. If iOS 16 News can pull off a cleaner, more informative presentation of sports news, though, I just might have a reason to launch Apple’s news offering on a more regular basis.

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We won’t know for sure whether My Sports is a hit or a swing and a miss until the iOS 16 public beta arrives next month. But based on Apple’s iOS 16 features preview as well as what people who’ve downloaded the iOS 16 developer beta are saying, we have some idea of what’s coming to the News app in the upcoming iPhone software update.

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