LG’s New XBOOM 360 Speaker Is Also a Lantern

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LG’s New XBOOM 360 Speaker Is Also a Lantern

There are a lot of Bluetooth speakers on the market to choose from. But you’ll have a hard time finding many that also work as lanterns, which is exactly what LG’s New XBOOM 360 speaker brings to the table.

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The new speaker from LG comes packed with all sorts of audio features, but it also has a built-in light, so you can use it to light up a room with both happy toons and actual light.

As far as musical features go, this speaker comes with a 5.25-inch glass fiber woofer and 1.0-inch titanium horn tweeter. It features omnidirectional sound, so you’ll be able to hear the music all around the room. If you’re using this as a party speaker, the LG XBOOM 360 is perfect for that. In total, it features 120W RMS when connected to a power source, so it bumps.

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