My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Finale Sets Up Koichi’s Pro Hero Future

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My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Finale Sets Up Koichi’s Pro Hero Future

My Hero Academia has officially ended its spin-off prequel manga series, My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, after a six year long run with Shueisha, and its final chapter has given fans a full look into what kind of pro hero future is coming ahead for Koichi Haimawari. The penultimate chapter of the long running spin-off series ended with the promise that Koichi had somehow gone on the path to becoming a proper pro hero after all of his thankless work as a vigilante in the Naruhata area. But with how criminal it technically was, and the damage his final battle caused, there were still some questions as to how it all worked out. 

The penultimate chapter of the series had teased that Koichi had gone to work with Captain Celebrity’s agency in New York City as a pro hero thanks to Makoto Tsukauchi’s quick thinking, and the final chapter of the series confirmed this was the case. In fact, because of all of the debts and crimes still against him in Japan, his time in the United States of America has been technically forced on him. But he’s facing it head on with the same kind of positivity fans of his have loved since the very beginning. 

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Koichi’s gone on to a bumbling but successful hero future with the finale! Makes a lot of sense and brings a goofy smile to face lol Great send off for the Skycrawler!

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