Nintendo’s latest FCC filing reveals a mysterious new controller

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Nintendo’s latest FCC filing reveals a mysterious new controller

Nintendo may have a new wireless controller in the works based on this FCC listing the company filed Thursday (via Vooks). The new device has received the model number HAC-043, which, if it matters, is one model number higher than Nintendo’s wireless SNES controller from 2019.

Nintendo submitted a 180-day request for confidentiality to the FCC on July 26th that hides more revealing details of the device, like photos and actual schematics. But there are still a few details to share. The device is wireless and uses Bluetooth, and it appears to draw more power at 3.5mW than the Joy-Con’s 2.7mW. FCC label placement, which can sometimes reveal a bit more of how a device actually looks, also suggests whatever it is would be a departure from the single label that Joy-Con use.

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Some speculate the new controller could replicate another old console’s controller like the wireless SNES controller did for the SNES. Maybe Nintendo could finally pull the trigger on a wireless N64 or GameCube controller for even more retro gaming?

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