NordicTrack Vault review

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NordicTrack Vault review

The NordicTrack Vault builds a solid argument for ditching your gym membership in favor of iFit’s wide range of fitness classes. And since it doubles as a full-length mirror, it’s easy on the eyes, too.

Price: $1,999 (Standalone), $2,999 (Complete)
Screen: 32-inch HD touchscreen
Speakers: Dual 3-inch (Bluetooth-enabled)
Connectivity: Dual-band 802.11 Wifi
Weights Included: Yes (with Complete package)
Weights/Accessories Included: Workout mat, yoga blocks, loop bands, resistance bands, dumbbells (5 to 30 pounds), kettlebells (20 and 30 pounds each), premium shelves, cleaning towel
Size: 72.7 x 31.7 x 22.6 inches
Standalone Weight: 258 pounds
Warranty: 10 years (frame), 2 years (parts), 1 year (labor)

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The futuristic NordicTrack Vault is part of an emerging new wave of home gym equipment. Like the Mirror and Tempo Studio, the Vault is essentially a high-tech mirror that streams on-demand workouts while simultaneously letting you keep an eye on your form — allowing you to make the most of every hard-earned rep. When combined with its iFit membership, this smart mirror represents a unique formula of fashion, function, and form-friendly fitness. In short, this is the future of personal training.

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