Paradise Killer review

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Paradise Killer review

An incredible world of demons, mystery, and vaporwave, Paradise Killer sets new standards for the detective genre.

What is it? A stylish freeform detective game that takes place on a bizarre island of love and betrayal.
Reviewed on: AMD Ryzen 7 1800X, 16 GB RAM
Price: $20
Out: September 4
Publisher: Fellow Traveller
Developer: Kaizen Game Works
Multiplayer: None
Link: Official site

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Paradise Killer is a detective game where you’re free to investigate on your own terms. That’s my favorite thing about it: I explored its eco-brutalist structures, speculated, and accused its hyper-eccentric characters at my own pace, of my own volition, based on the evidence that I found, without ever being pushed in a particular direction. During the final hour, I had to play prosecutor at a trial and use all of the evidence, testimonials, and information I’d gathered to nail the culprit (or culprits?) of a brutal killing spree. As I went over my notes, I felt like I’d really accomplished something. Paradise Killer gave me a sense of freedom that I’ve never felt in a detective game. 

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