PS4 Sold Twice As Well As Xbox One, Microsoft Reveals

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PS4 Sold Twice As Well As Xbox One, Microsoft Reveals

For years, Microsoft has refused to share sales numbers for its Xbox consoles, leaving us in the dark on just how well or poorly they have sold compared to PlayStation and Nintendo’s machines. But now, new court docs reveal that the PS4 reportedly sold more than twice as well as the Xbox One, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft launched the Xbox One in 2013 with a focus on TV, Kinect, and multimedia entertainment. This ended up sinking the console’s early years as Sony’s contemporary console at the time, the PlayStation 4, focused entirely on games leading to lopsided sales in favor of Sony. Eventually Xbox One backed away from all the TV stuff and Microsoft stopped reporting sales numbers for the console a few years after its messy release.

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This information about the Xbox One was first spotted by Game Luster in documents submitted by Microsoft to Brazil’s national competition regulator. The Verge was able to translate the docs, which reveal that Sony sold more than twice as many PS4 consoles compared to Microsoft’s last-gen Xbox.

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