Raspberry Pi Pico W Only Costs $6 and Is Super Tiny

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Raspberry Pi Pico W Only Costs  and Is Super Tiny

Raspberry Pi has been selling compact and cheap computers for over a decade now, but in recent history, the company has also expanded into programmable embedded boards. Now another non-computer Raspberry Pi has arrived for the low price of just $6.

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The Raspberry Pi Pico W is a slightly-upgraded version of last year’s $4 Raspberry Pi Pico. It’s not a full Linux-powered system like the Raspberry Pi 4 and 400, so you can’t use it as a computer — instead, it works as a microcontroller board for DIY electronics projects. Just like the original Pi Pico, it has a RP2040 microcontroller with two ARM Cortex-M0+ cores and 264kB of SRAM.

The main upgrade with the Pico W is the integrated 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi module, which is a handy addition for anyone trying to build their own smart home devices or other similar projects. To help you get started, the Pico SDK has been updated with wireless networking support.

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