Razer Naga X review: “A more focused experience”

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Razer Naga X review: “A more focused experience”

If you want a dedicated MMO mouse without breaking the bank, the Razer Naga X is a great choice.

What makes the Razer Naga X different? It’s a fair question. Now that the Razer Naga Pro and Razer Naga Left-Handed Edition are on shelves, what could this newcomer possibly add to the conversation? Funnily enough, we should be asking the opposite. What does it take away?

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That’s because the Razer Naga X is about accessibility – it strips back the bells and whistles for a cheaper alternative. Indeed, the X is around $60 less than the Pro. That isn’t to say it’s worse, though. If anything, it provides a more focused experience for those who just want the best gaming mouse for MMOs.  

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