Razer says its new mechanical keyboards have ‘near-zero’ input latency

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Razer says its new mechanical keyboards have ‘near-zero’ input latency

Razer has announced an update to its popular Huntsman lineup of mechanical keyboards that reduces input latency to “near-zero,” the company claims. That’s because the newly announced Huntsman V2 and Huntsman V2 Tenkeyless (which omits the numpad, volume wheel, and media controls for a more compact board) both have a polling rate of 8,000Hz, meaning they can theoretically detect key presses eight times faster than the original Huntsman keyboards.

Combined with the keyboards’ optical switches, which use an infrared beam of light to sense when they’ve been pressed rather than metal contact points, Razer reckons the two new Huntsman keyboards will feel more responsive for gaming, especially when combined with a high-refresh rate monitor. In contrast, standard mechanical switches can suffer from what’s known as a “debounce delay,” when the keyboard has to take a moment to work out if a key has actually been pressed or not.

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Other improvements introduced with the V2 keyboards include new doubleshot PBT keycaps, which have a more durable design with legends that shouldn’t wear away over time. The doubleshot design also allows the keyboard’s programmable RGB backlighting to shine through the caps. There are seven preset lighting effects built into the keyboard, and you can customize them via Razer’s software and save them to the board’s firmware.

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