Someone Got DoomRunning On A Farm Tractor

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Someone Got DoomRunning On A Farm Tractor

One day, the classic 90s shooter Doom will be playable on every single electronic device with a screen. We aren’t quite there yet, but thanks to some crafty hackers you can now play id’s seminal shooter on a jailbroken farm tractor because we live in the weirdest, dumbest cyberpunk future imaginable.

Over the weekend in Las Vegas, DefCon 2022—a large annual convention dedicated to hacking and computers—happened and, during the event, some modders showed off a jailbroken tractor computer. The tractor computer was hacked by Sick Codes as part of an effort to bring more awareness to how little control farmers have over their own equipment, which is often running proprietary software and can’t be easily modded or repaired.

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After months of work using numerous John Deere tractor models and computers, the Australian modder was able to get root access and open the tractor’s computer wide open.

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