Spotify Might Give You Three Months of Free Premium

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Spotify Might Give You Three Months of Free Premium

Spotify is available for free, but the Premium subscription is a must-have for anyone who wants more playback control and no ads. Spotify is now offering a few months of Premium to some people with free accounts.

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The company announced today that most free Spotify accounts can now try three months of the Individual Premium plan (as opposed to a family plan). The offer is available for people in “135 Spotify markets around the world” who have never signed up for Premium before. If you have used Premium before, Spotify will still give you three months of access for $9.99 — the normal price for one month.

However, there is a catch — it’s just an extended trial. If you don’t cancel before the trial ends, it will turn into a regular Premium subscription, and you’ll be charged after the three months is over. If you get the offer, be sure to set a reminder (or create a calendar event with a notification) to remember to cancel.

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