Surprise! Deltarune Chapter 2 drops September 17th

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Surprise! Deltarune Chapter 2 drops September 17th

The next chapter of Deltarune is coming and I am beyond excited. In a surprise announcement, Toby Fox, creator of the Undertale series, revealed Deltarune Chapter 2 will be released on Mac and PC on September 17th.

The news came on September 15th during a livestream of Deltarune Chapter 1 put on to commemorate Undertale’s sixth anniversary. Hosted by three dads from Fangamer — a gaming merchandise retailer — the Deltarune livestream featured hideous dad-approved shirts, canned laughter typical of a ‘90s sitcom, and commentary from Toby Fox himself via a skateboarding Annoying Dog proxy with a text-to-speech voice. You can (and should) check out a VOD of the wholesome stream here.

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Deltarune is the much anticipated follow-up to Toby Fox’s award-winning indie RPG Undertale. The game follows the human Kris as they live and attend school in a town populated entirely by monsters. One day, Kris and the school bully Susie fall into an alternate reality known as the Dark World and are tasked with restoring the light and bringing balance to the land. Along the way, they meet Ralsei and Lancer, two “darkners” who help (and sometimes hinder) Susie and Kris’ quest.

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