The Art Of Rollerdrome

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The Art Of Rollerdrome

One of my favourite Fine Art posts for the year was our showcase for OlliOlli World, so it’s a huge pleasure that we’re able to be looking at art from Roll7's latest game (Rollerdrome, which is out this week) so soon.

We’ve looked at the game a few times on the site already; it’s basically a deathmatch shooter, which combines skating tricks with third-person gunplay. And where OlliOlli World was an adorable cartoon adventure that looks like it should have its own animated series, Rollerdrome’s cel-shaded aesthetic looks like a comic from the 1980s met a gory sci-fi movie from the 1970s. And I mean all of that in the best way possible.

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I should note here that while Rollerdrome is from the same studio as OlliOlliWorld—Roll7—these are actually different artists. Everything you’re seeing below is the work of Kim Hu and Grégoire Frot, and you’ll also find links to both their portfolios in their names below:

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