The best iPads for kids in 2021

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The best iPads for kids in 2021

The best iPads for kids are versatile enough to keep up with a child’s imagination and affordable enough that repairing or replacing one won’t break your budget. Finding the right one for your needs can be tricky because every kid is different, and there’s more iPads to choose from than ever.  

Once upon a time, if you wanted an Apple tablet you bought the iPad, in whatever color and storage allotment looked good to you. But these days there’s a smorgasbord of iPad models available, from the pint-sized iPad mini to the svelte iPad Air. 

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The new 2021 iPad and iPad mini are two of the latest additions to this list, and we really love the former as a kid’s first iPad because it’s the cheapest iPad you can buy, yet still delivers the full iPad experience.

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