The internet won’t stop roasting this new Forspoken trailer

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The internet won’t stop roasting this new Forspoken trailer

Forspoken (opens in new tab), Square Enix’s next big RPG, made a pretty positive impression on us when we checked it out in a December 2021 preview session (opens in new tab). The tale of a tough young woman from New York City who falls through an interdimensional portal into the fantasy world of Athia promises a stylish blend of action, magic, and parkour in a dangerous open world, and while we didn’t get to see everything, the bits we saw were “sick as hell.” Alas, a trailer shared to Twitter yesterday has prompted a different sort of reaction.

The trailer shows off 30 seconds of Forspoken gameplay, which seems fine, but it also has lead character Frey Holland describing her new circumstances in a snarky, faux-disbelieving tone. “So let me get this straight,” she says. “I’m somewhere that’s not what I would call Earth, I’m seeing freaking dragons, and—oh yeah!—I’m talking to a cuff! Yeah, OK, that is something I do now. I do magic, kill jacked-up beasts, I’ll probably fly next.”

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A beautiful and cruel new land? Twisted monsters? An array of magical abilities? Sentient jewellery!? Welcome to the world of #Forspoken. 8, 2022

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