The PS5 SSD buying guide

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The PS5 SSD buying guide

Sony’s update adding the much-anticipated support for M.2 SSD storage expansion is here, letting you install more PlayStation 5 games than the built-in, 825GB SSD allows. When the feature first launched in beta, Sony provided a list of requirements, making it clear that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to just grab any SSD and chuck it in your PS5. We’ve tried to list as many of the compatible drives as we can below, as stock has seemingly been hit pretty hard; the more options you have, the more likely you are to get your hands on one.

Sony’s main requirements are that the SSD is PCIe Gen4 and at least 250GB. However, Sony makes it very clear that your SSD needs a heatsink, which can complicate things, given the limited amount of space in the PS5’s SSD bay. What SSDs you’ll want to consider will depend on whether you want to install a heatsink yourself or not, and whether you’re a “play by the rules” type or a “let’s see what I can get away with” type.

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WD told us that, based on Sony’s requirements, its WD Black SN850 drives (available in 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB capacities) would work, and that it was in the process of testing compatibility. The drive easily surpasses Sony’s speed recommendations, but you’ll want to make sure you’re buying the version with a heatsink — for the 1TB model, the heatsink version costs $20 more than the non-heatsink version and has a big orange line on the front. It’s also the SSD that the PS5’s lead system architect bought for himself, and WD says on its product page that the drive works with the PS5 (though it seemingly hasn’t been updated to reflect that the feature is out of beta).

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