Twin Mirror review

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Twin Mirror review

Twin Mirror begins with an intriguing set-up but, disappointingly, ends up going nowhere.

 What is it? A psychological mystery set in a small West Virginian town.
Expect to pay £28 / $37
Developer Dontnod
Publisher Dontnod
Reviewed on i5-2500K, 8GB RAM, GTX 670
Multiplayer? No
Release date Out now

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With Twin Mirror, Dontnod has left time travel, telekinesis and mind-reading behind, stepping away from the supernatural themes of its previous games and switching it up for grounded psychological drama. A story of mystery and conspiracy is well within the Dontnod’s wheelhouse, but the studio’s first self-published game is unfortunately a little underwhelming. It starts out as a great detective mystery, but its unwillingness to explore difficult topics with any depth is a big issue.  

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