Waluigi Proves He’s Still The King Of Swagger

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Waluigi Proves He’s Still The King Of Swagger

Nintendo released a demo today for its upcoming soccer game, Mario Strikers: Battle League. How does it play? Is it a worthy follow-up to the older games? Is it fun? These are questions for which I don’t have answers. What I can tell you is that in this latest game Waluigi retains his crown as the king of swagger, with his penchant for weird poses with roses looking fully intact.

Mario Strikers: Battle League is being developed by Next Level Games and is out June 23 for the Switch. It’s the third game in the Strikers series, and stars various Mario characters taking their conflict to the pitch to play some soccer together, complete with special moves and wild animations. But let’s get to the real reason many of you are here: Waluigi’s amazing victory animations.

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First off, here’s Waluigi’s amazing swagger walk after scoring a goal:

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