Where and How to Buy the Xbox Series X and S

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Where and How to Buy the Xbox Series X and S

The Xbox Series X and Series S are finally out, but if you didn’t pre-order Microsoft’s newest console, it might be a while until stock is plentiful enough for you to actually get a chance to buy one. That’s a shame, because we were impressed by the amount of choice packed into the Series X when we reviewed it, and we’d love to see that mentality extend to people who’d prefer not to pre-order and instead wait to read reviews. 

Still, not being able to buy these consoles now might not be too much of a problem. There’s a strong argument to be had for waiting to buy a next-gen console, since launch game lineups are looking slim this time around. If that’s the route you decide to go, it’d be smart to research the best places to buy ahead of time, as well as which of the two consoles you’d prefer.

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We’ll list the stores where you’re most likely to find either of the new Xbox consoles below, although most online stock these days comes in the form of small batch drops that sell out quickly. For up to the minute updates on those, follow our Techradar colleague Matt Swider over on Twitter.

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