Why I Want the Rumored New MacBook Pro M1

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Why I Want the Rumored New MacBook Pro M1

My MacBook Pro still has that new computer smell, but Apple’s rumored new M1 lineup of portables has me wanting more. 

Reports say that the new MacBook Pro models with Apple-designed silicon will arrive this fall. I can’t wait to see what Apple will do with large Mini LED displays paired with the blazing-fast M1 chips. 

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While my 2019 Macbook Pro 16-inch is fast enough for most tasks, I’ve been spoiled by the incredible speed of my M1 iMac. I’ve also become a convert to the stunning Mini LED display on my iPad Pro 12.9 inch. Combining the processor of the iMac and the display of the iPad seems like it could result in the best personal computing experience to date. 

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