Y-Brush review

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Y-Brush review

The Y-Brush is definitely not just a gimmick, and in the right circumstances it could be extremely useful. Once you’ve mastered the technique it cleans surprisingly well in just 10 seconds (five for your upper teeth and five for the lower), and it could be a real help if you have limited mobility in your hands. We can also see ourselves carrying one to give our teeth a quick spruce up during the day. It didn’t clean as well between teeth as our conventional brush though, which meant spending more time with floss or interdental brushes afterwards. Perhaps not the great time-saver you might be hoping for.

Can the Y-Brush really clean your teeth in just 10 seconds? In our experience, the answer is yes… mostly.

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It’s hard to deny the novelty of an electric toothbrush that promises to clean all your teeth at once, giving every surface more attention than a conventional brush in 1/120 of the time. However, we weren’t awed by the performance.

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