ZeroPoint Technology AB Secures $2.5 Million for Hardware Based RAM Data Compression

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ZeroPoint Technology AB Secures .5 Million for Hardware Based RAM Data Compression

ZeroPoint Technologies AB, a Swedish startup company appearing as a spinout of the Chalmers University of Technology, has today announced its latest work. Ziptilion, a memory technology that has been awarded a patent, €2.5 million (just under $3 million) in seed funding, and promises to double your RAM capacity and bandwidth, all while achieving higher power efficiency.

Many of you remember the old RAM doubling software that existed back in the 80s and 90s. They were a big scam at the time, promising users who purchased the software double their ram capacities without a proper hardware upgrade. Today, ZeroPoint plans to do that, however, with a completely different, hardware-based approach.

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Called the Ziptilion, this hardware IP works by compressing memory data using proprietary compression algorithms, and ZeroPoint claims an2-3 times increase in bandwidth. The way Ziptilion works is by embedding the IP into a design, and it works directly with a memory controller and processor’s cache subsystem, using the industry-standard SoC AXI interconnect fabric. The company claims that its technology can compress memory in such an efficient way that memory latency mostly is reduced by using the Ziptilion IP, as it fetches the compressed data from and to the memory. In extreme cases, the latency can be higher approximately 1-100 nanoseconds, however, the gains are outweighing the downsides. 

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